The Brand

Sweet Beginning

Up until the late 1950s. sweets had different shapes and colours. But children, being children, would pop them in and out of their mouths regularly to examine them, to talk with friends, to hide them from parents or put them in their pockets for later. This meant that kids and sweets were a messy mix. In 1958 pioneering sweet-lover Enric Bernat created a universally appealing sweet that would make kids and parents happy. Suddenly it struck him: the world needed a product that “would be like a sweet with a fork”.



The Name

At first, he decided to call it “GOL”, imagining the sweet was a little bit like a football and an open mouth a football net. But it was not quite catchy enough, so he hired an advertising agency to come up with a creative name for him. After many hours of deliberation, they came up with three: Pals, Rols and Chups. It took Bernat moments to opt for the winner and his new lollipop was born under the brand name Chups. Then consumers stepped in. The catchy jingle used to market Chups proved so succesful, that it changed the name of the sweet!


The Logo

A sweet product needs a sweet logo. In 1958 Chupa Chups adopted the image of a little pigtailed girl. However, as Chupa Chups became spectacularly successful worldwide, a more creative and contemporary design seemed more appropriate. Thanks to Salvador Dali’s creative revelation the logo became integrated into the daisy shape. The 1988 design has stuck. Bright, cheerful and unique, it has proved universally popular with the public. It has become the definitive icon for a world-famous brand.


Chupa Chups…

more than a lollipop

Since its launch in late fifties, Chupa Chups has conquered the taste, the mind and the heart of millions of consumers worldwide. It’s a genuine brand with a strong and cheeky personality and eye catching colours. The huge popularity of the brand and its strong identity inspire a Life Less Serious style applied to a wide variety of products.


Ever since 1958, Chupa Chups has brought happiness to children of all ages. We plan to make sure this continues, by combining a strong sense of the Chupa Chups tradition with contemporary creativity and innovation.


More than a lollipop Chupa Chups has conquered the taste, the mind and the heart of millions of consumers worldwide. Its personality and eye catching colours inspire a Life Less Serious style that also applies to a wide variety of products.