2 in 1 Air Compressor + Vacuum Cleaner

Code: SPT161 Blue
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  • Multi-functional Air Compressor & Vacuum
  • Rapid Inflating: 4-5 minutes to inflate any normal car tire
  • Quickly infates all auto, motorcycle, vehicle and bicycle tires
  • Both 12V and 220V vacuum cleaner with washable HEPA filter
  • Automatically shut off safety feature makes sure you never over-inflate and damage your tires
  • Built in LED light and red sharp-flash emergency light

Technical Details:

DC 12V AC 220V Air Compressor for Both Home and Car Use:

  • With 30mm metal cylinder
  • Max power:100psi
  • Electricity: 10A
  • Inflatable air:≥30L
  • 9pcs LED light: 4pcs white light, 5pcs amber emergency light
  • Length of the cable: 3m; length of hose: 70 cm
  • With 3 nozzle adaptors for inflating bikes, tires, balls, etc

DC 12V Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Power: 96W
  • Vacuum degree:>3.0KPA
  • Dust capacity: 200ml
  • Cable length: 3m
  • 1 nozzle and brush 2 in 1 accessories for multi-purpose
  • Retractable hose can fully extend to 1.5 meters


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Material: ABS
Product Dimensions: 310 x 160 x 218 mm
Manual: PDF

key features

Accessories included: 3x nozzle adaptors for inflating bikes, tires, balls, etc. 1x 10A fuse. 4x valve caps.
12V direct plug & 220V for both car & home use.
12V Vacuum Cleaner > 3.0KPA, dust capacity: 200 ml., cable length: 3M, comes with HEPA filter.
With retractable hose that can fully extend to 1.5 meters. Extremely convenient when using inside car.
Built-in LED light & red sharp-flash emergency light.
Sparco Color Box package.