Ultra Leggera

Code: SPC1351U Black/Silver
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  • Reinforced metal feet +50% stronger than normal structure
  • Innovative 2-tone combination - meaning the colours finish is more vivid than a traditional double painted wheel cover 
  • Rust proof and corrosion resistant 
  • Simple & easy push-on installation with maximum grip of retention ring 
  • Available in a selection of tones and colours 
  • Compatible with all vehicles
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Material: ABS
Product Dimensions: 13" 14" 15" 16"

key features

Easy installation and can be used for all road going vehicles - thanks to the backside universal mounting structure with metal retention ring for maximum grip.
Reinforced metal feet +50% stronger than a normal structure.
Sparco Color Box Package. Availlable in 13", 14" 15" & 16".
With the renowned Sparco logo printed.
High quality maintenance of the product throughout its' lifespan thanks to state-of-the-art finish applied to protect the cover's surface against temperature differences, agents used for winter road maintenance and car wash agents.
Perfect sporty & stylish design quickly gives your car a new look.