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Carpa Design partners with big-name brands to breathe life into unique product experiences as innovative and unique as the brands themselves.

We work with the biggest and best brands because we are passionate, detail-oriented and focus on the bigger commercial picture - giving customers products they are thrilled about, time and time again. Relying on our countless years of experience in manufacturing and understanding consumer trends, we have built and maintained brilliant relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers - allowing us to consistently deliver quality and special products and experiences.

Why we name ourselves

In the Orient, Carp are known as kings of the river and seen as symbols of perseverance and success.

According to the legend, Carp in their spawning season swim to the source of the Huang Ho River, also known as Yellow River (the second longest river in China). During their journey, the Carp swim upstream against the strong currents, pushing through valleys and even up waterfalls - all the way to the Jishinhan Mountain. For any Carp lucky enough to reach its destination, that fish is transformed into a mighty dragon. Because of this legend, Carp became a symbol of progress, perseverance, and success in life.

From this winning spirit, Carpa Design was born.

Our culture


Carpa Design offices

China office
Suzhou Car Parts Trading Co. Ltd
Shanghai East Road 168, #509
215400, Jiangsu, China

Spain office
Carpa Design Europe, S.L
C/ Duque de Calabria 4, bajo
Valencia, 46005 Spain

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